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Privacy notice

Privacy notice (or is provided by Nouva Communications Ltd.

Nouva Communications is the data controller for pages starting with

If you supply information or request us to contact you, your details are supplied to us under legitimate interest. We will not actively retain your details except to contact you as requested. We will not share information without your permission unless legally obliged to do so.

If you follow a link to a service provided by another company or supplier, then that organisation will:

  • be the data controller

  • be responsible for processing any data you share with them

  • publish and manage their own privacy notice with details of how to contact them

  • if you choose to use an Ad-enabled application you can choose to revoke any ad-related cookie consent from the App or remove the App - In addition Non-cookied/subscription versions of the app will also be made available

Nouva Applications using stored data

MyID app

MyIDapp: What data we collect and why it's needed

No personal data is collected from the MyID application. It is wholly for your private information and your private ID documents, and can be thought of as a personal vault. Your information is also protected by your phone's biometrics, and you setup a personal vault password to protect against unauthorized intrusion.

The app allows you to store the information for your convenience, and for controlled sharing, either via the screen for you to show your ID, or via the QR code for allowing someone to inspect the results of the in-device ID checking, and to confirm you match the ID.

MyIDapp: Our legal basis for processing your data

We don't have access to your data. The app on your phone does have access, and uses legitimate interest to do checks on the ID information, to store it on your behalf and control, and to allow you to easily share the results again under your control.

MyIDapp: How long we keep your data

You keep your data, we do not have access. You can keep it as long as the app is installed on your device. If you remove the app then you can delete your data. note that a new installation will require you to re-setup the ID information to gain the benefits of MyIDapp again.

MyIDapp - If you are using an Ad-supported version

All adverts are curated and managed by Google Inc as a third party, not Nouva Communications. Some advertisement types have been restricted by Nouva  under it's own policies and are subject to change. No personal tracking is allowed by Nouva , however you can opt in to allowing advertisers to track you in their web-site consent - this will override the settings from Nouva 

Revocation of use of Google Ads

You can remove all ads from the application at any time, and prevent any tracking via the MyIDapp route. - remember that other apps on your phone or other sites you visit may well track you. This option is subscription-based and an upgrade from the Ad-supported 'free' version. If you want to do this simply choose the Pro version (or Vault version when we make it available). These will also add additional features over time. Some features may also be rolled down to the Ad version.

You can also remove the application by deleting it. Again no tracking is possible from the ads in the app when it has been deleted..

We remind you that Nouva Communications does not track you, nor has it access to your private data - you keep this in your device protected by device biometrics (where available) and your personal vault access code. 

Nouva Communications website 

What data we collect

The personal data we collect from you includes:

  • questions, queries or feedback you leave, including your email address if you contact us

Why we need your data

We collect your personal data in order to:

  • Respond to your questions and requests

Our legal basis for processing your data

The legal basis for processing personal data in relation to site is our legitimate interests, and the legitimate interests of our users allowing us to provide a service to users

What we do with your data

The data we collect allows us to provide our user with services.

We will not:

  • sell or rent your data to third parties

  • share your data with third parties for marketing purposes


How long we keep your data


We will only retain your personal data for as long as it is needed for the purposes set out in this document or for as long as the law requires us to.

We will:

  • keep your email data until you wish it to be deleted


Children’s privacy protection


Our services are not designed for, or intentionally targeted at, children 13 years of age or younger. We do not intentionally collect or maintain data about anyone under the age of 18.




Where your data is processed and stored


We design, build and run our systems to make sure that your data is as safe as possible at all stages, both while it’s processed and when it’s stored.

All personal data is stored in the European Economic Area (EEA). Web site data may be transferred outside the EEA for processing.

How we protect your data and keep it secure


We are committed to doing all that we can to keep your data secure. We have set up systems and processes to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure of your data


Your rights


You have the right to request:

  • information about how your personal data is processed

  • a copy of that personal data

  • that anything inaccurate in your personal data is corrected immediately


You can also:

  • raise an objection about how your personal data is processed

  • request that your personal data is erased if there is no longer a justification for it

  • ask that the processing of your personal data is restricted in certain circumstances


If you have any of these requests, get in contact with our Privacy Team.

Links to other websites


Sometimes Nouva Communications contains links to other websites.

This privacy notice only applies to Nouva Communications

Following a link to another website

If you go to another website from Nouva Communications, read the privacy policy on that website to find out what it does with your information. Similarly if you are using an Ad-enabled application you may give different consent to the advertiser than that given to Nouva Communcations. Although Nouva won't use your data the other site may do so if you've consented to this on the 3rd-party website.


Contact us or make a complaint


Contact the Privacy Team if you:

  • have a question about anything in this privacy notice

  • think that your personal data has been misused or mishandled


Privacy Team and Data Protection Officer:


You can also make a complaint to the Information Commissioner, who is an independent regulator.


Information Commissioner
Telephone: 0303 123 1113
Textphone: 01625 545860
Monday to Friday, 9am to 4:30pm
Find out about call charges

Information Commissioner's Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Cheshire SK9 5AF



Changes to this policy


We may change this privacy policy. In that case, the ‘last updated’ date at the bottom of this page will also change. Any changes to this privacy policy will apply to you and your data immediately.

If these changes affect how your personal data is processed, Nouva Communications will take reasonable steps to let you know.

Last updated 6 March 2024

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