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MyID app
Your ID in your pocket


- Includes an ID card with zoom ID feature

- Checks passports and driving licences in-app

- Shows Proof-of-age when buying goods

- QR code Proof-of-age and 3rd-party sharing

- ID document vault for your documents

- Biometric protections, and Vault Access Code protection

- You control all sharing of ID documents

- Sharing to Accountants, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents etc

- Monitors expiry dates on ID docs - prompts you to update

We all need to show ID from time-to-time...


...providing ID and proof-of-address for loan and lease agreements, renting or buying property and other credit agreements. MyID makes this easy and in-your-pocket!

And your customers can share their ID safely as you do diligence and protect your business

For regulated industries, companies and retailers, it's essential to know who you are speaking to, and who you are doing business with

Ease of identification, and ease for a customer to provide their details, securely and safely, and under their control and management is essential

Nouva has a multi-faceted solution for customers, and also for retailers and regulated industries

MyID app is the free digital ID app that is the safe way to prove your identity and age to individuals and businesses just by using your phone. With instant access to the original ID 

Got some challenges or GDPR issues? Want more information? We ensure Nouva works to meet your specific needs. After all, the simpler it is for ensuring identity and proving your diligence, the better it is for you and your customer. And makes proving compliance if-and-when you need to straightforward! 


Want a demonstration of Nouva's ID solutions? Contact us today....and why not install the app?!


Download on the App Store -  My ID available today from "free"
Download on the App Store - My ID available today from "free"
Get it on Google Play - MyID available later 2024 from Google Play
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