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Quick T&Cs for MyID app

We want MyID App general Terms and Conditions to be as easy to understand as possible


The application is supplied in good faith for your convenience. It allows a user to upload their key ID documents (Passport and/or Driving Licence) and allow these to be shown to someone wanting to check their ID

It assumes that the ID loaded is correct and not 'fake'. The app does some checks of the documents, and this will also be extended in forthcoming updates.


It is possible your documents may not be identified as correct when they are indeed genuine - in this case you should first refer to the FAQ section on the website to see if it's a common issue with a known resolution. If however it is not covered in the FAQ we'd appreciate hearing from you via our website - we will likely need more information to see if the issues are resolvable.

The application will work for most as demonstrated in website screen shots. It will allow a quick open of the document for showing to relevant people, even if the documents are not immediately recognised by the application.


The ID summary can also be scanned by others using the QR code generated. This will give a quick summary of your name and age, and source of checking. You control what info is shared.

The application can be used free-of-charge using the Ad-supported version, or you can take a subscription version which will remove Ads and allow future downloads to operate without Ads

The application is supplied by Nouva Communications on an as-is basis, with users in control of whether they use the application or delete the application - they control it's use

In addition the ID may not be accepted at all places where ID is challenged, just as the original passport or driving licence may also not be accepted. If there are places that are refusing MyID as ID and you consider important we do want to know where-and-when-and-why. We may be able to liaise with them to attempt to change this policy and accept this application with valid ID - Our vision is to have wide acceptance both in the UK and in other geographic regions

No acceptance of liability is accepted in supply of MyID by Nouva Communications for the users convenience. The application is created and supplied for use in good faith, and authorised/checked for use by the platform supplier(s) too (e.g. Apple and Google) in a similar manner. as other applications

Any liability therefore would reasonably be limited by the subscription rate, and the app can be removed by the user

Last updated March 8, 2024

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