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Nouva Links

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Nouva Links makes direct customer links to your product information or sales offer landing pages easy!  You can even create direct links with your email address, or to special offer email addresses - you choose how you use it!

- Make custom QR codes on iPhone, iPad or Mac

- Share directly with colleagues or clients

Nouva Links is an all-in Sales QR code generator for sales and marketing. You now make your direct offers really hot when you need to…and help make your clients links hot too!

Generate QR codes in the palm of your hand, and use immediately in letters, brochures, on business cards or signage. You can even “digitise” your brochures by creating stickers.

It's a great solution, Examples include for estate agents and property, and for directing customers to high value goods, as well as mass-market sales links and menus etc.

Available today as a free download (normal purchase price of £19.99). No subscription required 

And for this you can even install Nouva Links on the multiple devices you use - use Nouva Links directly from your Mac notebook or Mac desktop when traveling and in the office, or on your iPad when in your living room or kitchen, or on your phone when you’re with clients and on-the-go! 

QR codes made easy! It also supports Apple “family sharing” out-the-box - temporarily offered for free download (usually £19.99)

Download on the App Store
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